Botanical designs on natural fabric such as Lino and natural Yute with velvet versions.   Cheerful, colorful and contemporary designs.   

Sheers and shades

A collection of natural sheers and shades made in wide with where the main characteristics are its fabric and softness in harmonious colours such as Taupe, White porcelain, ash grey or canvas.

Antilla velvet

The Antilla model is designed using cheerful colours of Royal Navy and Mustard tones, Hunter with gold and a mix of cider, bronze and taupe colours.

Luxurious velvet for an elegant and unice space.


This bird Suriri Cariblanco, also receives the name of suriri de la pampa or yaguasa mask. Its scientific name is dendrocygna viduata and is a species of anseriform bird of the family anatidae, widely distributed throughout America and Africa. In America it can be found in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia Venezuela.


It is the typical somnolecia or "drowsiness" after eating and therefore the best solution for the xubec is the nap.

So delicate, so tender.

Persian mood

We have compiled the best sketches of oriental designs by digitally superimposing them, obtaining a reduction of the main elements to achieve a different and unique design.

The designs are made in the following different shades:

1. The originals.
2. Chutney, maple, paprika or bayberry.
3. Noir shades.
4. Lava rock.


The cloud forest, 1 cloud forest or nimbosilva, is generally a humid tropical or subtropical montane forest, characterized by a high concentration of surface fog, usually at the canopy level.