Much more than a window

Four letters that have achieved their true meaning in the last two months: ¨casa¨; that have made us aware of space, its strengths and weaknesses.
The house is today more than ever, refuge, dwelling, home, also tranquility, shelter; and even office, restaurant and gym. Although we are made minimum to spend at least half a day on the street, today we stay at home out of solidarity and commitment to others, with one of the most talked about hashtags these days "I stay at home".

Our house becomes the space for everything, the same interior design and decoration, our way of living adapts to the needs of each one. We become aware of what we like and what we don't like, what we want to change, we look for the idea of ​​comfort for every corner that surrounds us, thus achieving good design and taste to find the best harmony.

Now more than ever we realize how important our house is, it is linked to the word life and that it is better to feel good about itself.

CJM WORLDWIDE now more than ever ……

Carlos Rosal

Spain Area Manager