Suitable for upholstery.

The recommend grade of use has to be specified in each case.

Prints fabrics can be used for decoration purpose.

Dyed fabrics are well prepared for general upholstery. 


Suitable for curtains.

Most of our fabrics are made with natural fibers and ecological dying stuff, so it is always recommend linning them to avoid damage by sunlight.

It is welcome to use a blackout or a dimout to keep the sun away from the main fabric. 


Suitable for blinds.

Continuos exposition to sunlight could cause damages in fabrics. It is good to hide the blinds from the sun.

It is recommend installing the blinds at interior and always covered by a window blind or another blackout blind.


Suitable for bedspreads.

It is good to linne the main fabric with a linning and as wish, also with a foam interlinning.

In each case, washing instructions must be respected. Each fabric has different structure  so do not hesitate to contact with our resarching and quality department, to receive the acurate care and usage instructions. 


Machine washable

Suitable to be washed at 30º in washing machine.

Do not use cleaning products containing brightening agents.

Do not mix with different colours.

Hand wash

Suitable to be washed by hand in warm water.

Use just transparent soap.

Do not use unauthorised products.

Do not mix with different colours.

No machine washable

If it is indicated, we recommend cleaning the fabric by hand or dry cleaning following the specified instructions in each case.

Damages and shrinkages can be caused if we clean the fabric in washing machine.

Do not bleach

None of our fabrics can be treated with bleach.

Bleaching will change the original colour of any of our fabrics. 

Iron at 120º

It is recommended ironing the fabric always at the back side up to 120 degrees.

Dry cleaning

Suitable to be dry cleaned

without perchlorethylene.

Companies experienced in the cleaning of furnishing fabrics are used.

Do not iron

Special fibers are used to make the indicated fabric.

Ironing is not needed to maintain the correct appearance of the fabric, so it is recommended  steaming the fabric.

Do not tumble dry

After washing the fabrics in the washing machine, it is recommended to leave them hanging on a clothesline to dry.

Using tumble dry can cause shrinkages and damages in the fabrics.

Direction of the drawing in the roll


Also called upholstery way, the drawing develops itself paralell to both selvedges of roll.

Regulary to manufacture a curtain with these kind of fabrics, the quantity of metres to be ordered should be the height of the curtain plus hem.


Also called curtain way, the drawing develops itself from one selvedge to another selvedge of the roll.

If the fabric is 280 cm width we can take advantage of the width to make the height of a curtain.

No direction

There is no direction in the movement of the design through the roll.

The fabric can be used in horizontal or in vertical way, as appropriate.

Plains, fake plains and checks have regulary this simbol.



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